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When should you stop using eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions can cause some problems if they aren’t applied properly or with inferior material. In order to make it conducive to your looks and harmless, you need to get it done through an expert. At Lash  Spa, we take care of every detail to make these products totally trouble-free and affordable. Our eyelash extensions last  for a very long time without causing any issues for you. We want to tell every lady that products are great and reliable. However, the extension can cause you problems when implemented improperly. 

And even when it causes some discomfort some users choose to continue with it. So let’s talk about some conditions that indicate that you should shun them right away. 

Stop using eyelash extensions when you see these problems

If you see any of these symptoms happening to your skin, know that it is time to stop using the extension. 


You might see some swelling as well when the extension is causing skin inflammation. This happens usually when the extension is glued to your skin and the quality of it isn’t up to the mark. Well, if that happens, you need to rush to the specialist and get the extension removed as soon as possible. 


This is one of the initial signs that your skin is not putting up with the eyelashes. It could be the glue, or wrong placement of the extension, or its weight too. Another added suggestion is that you never rub the eyelashes even if it’s itching badly. Because that would cause much more tragedy. 

Stinging & Burning Sensation

It gets a little more difficult than itching and swelling. Again, it is recommended to get the extension removed and to see a skin specialist. It is advised to ask the expert to use an adhesive that doesn’t have formaldehyde. This particular chemical cause irritation and allergic reactions. Ensure that the expert uses surgical glue instead of nail glue.

Bloodshot Eyes

That’s right,  the wrong application can cause this issue too. So make sure that the extensions are not too heavy on your eyes. Choose a product that is appropriate for your natural eyelashes. Have the professional assess it and tell you what’s right for your eyelid. Make sure that it’s lightweight and not overly thick.


The pain usually causes due to the heaviness of the extension. It gets too heavy on your eyelid and can give you a very hard time. So again, choosing the right kind of extension is more than important when you’re a frequent user.


Lash Spa makes the eyelash extension easy-going all the time. With us, your looks become impeccable and you always get to maintain the marvelous looks in your eyes. Our specialists ensure that you never have to tolerate pain, infection, or any other issues due to the product. Moreover, we suggest you the right thing that is harmonious with your natural eyelashes. We keep fashion feasible and fabulous for you always. 

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