Metamask Infinite approval exploits How to possibly avoid it

Metamask Infinite Approval Exploits: How to Possibly Avoid Them?

  • The infinite approval of Metamask exploitation damages users’ trust in it.
  • Some tips to follow for saving yourself against Metamask extension scams.

For the last few months, the popularity of Ethereum-based decentralized applications has been on a constant rise. The numbers seem to be growing daily, with plenty of new user registrations. Thus, the browser extension called Metamask is also on the rise alongside decentralized applications for providing a seamless interaction window. Even though Metamask is an application that allows users to access dApps favorably, people should still be aware of its scams. For instance, the users of Badger DAO, a DeFi earning platform, got inflicted with a major crypto scam. Almost $120 Million got stolen from Metamask wallets as hackers changed its permission to have insider access. 

Metamask Infinite Approval

How Does Infinite Approval Work and Gets Exploited?

Through the approve () function, users can decide the amount they want to spend. The approval () function requires two things: the address of the spenders and the number of tokens that need to be sent. However, the approve () function is not responsible for moving your tokens as the function transferFrom () is required here. This function checks whether the spender has enough tokens in their wallet. On satisfying all those criteria, the transferFrom () function permits to move of tokens.  

Nevertheless, this is not all of it, as infinite token approval also plays a big part in the spending of tokens. Some decentralized applications ask for this approval as they don’t know how many tokens would be required. As it is huge, the chances of exploitation also increase simultaneously. 

One of the most common ways hackers can exploit the wallet is through sending phishing emails. A fake website might be provided where approval needs to be given for sending tokens to that address. 

Metamask Infinite Approval

 Tips to be Safe  Against Meta Mask’s Infinite Approval Exploits

To ensure one  doesn’t become entangled with Metamask infinite approval scams, here are a few tips that might be helpful: 

  • Checking the Address

When it comes to Metamask, scams sending tokens to the wrong addresses are one of the repeated ways users are scammed. Therefore, before clicking that send button move the tokens to another address. Ensure to check the authentication of that address on whether it is legit or not. 

  • Sending Small Amount

In the case of transferring tokens, try to avoid sending a large amount the first time. This will safeguard from losing all the tokens at once. One can back out quickly if they find any suspicious activity regarding that address. 


Recently, the crypto industry has seen plenty of scams or phishing activities due to the aggressiveness shown by hackers. Therefore, Metamask scams have also risen in numbers, resulting in users losing millions in token valuation. One can be saved from crypto scams by following a few tips and taking possible measures. Only by following strict safety protocols, one can keep the money safe in private wallets. 

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