Internet Computer

Internet Computing: The Next Big Thing in Computing?

  • The Internet’s decentralized infrastructure focuses on canister smart contracts.
  • The success of the Internet Computer depends on factors like adoption, expansion of the developer community, etc

The grandiose objective of the Internet Computing is to transform the Internet into a decentralized paradise. The blockchain, however, is plagued by the massive dump of ICP tokens that occurred within its first month of operation.

Data is sent to devices via the internet from big data centers. For instance, the information in this article is being sent from a data center to the laptop or other device you use to read it. By allowing individual computers and data centers to store the information, which would create a decentralized network, the Internet Computer seeks to alter this fundamentally.

Potential Impact Of Internet Computing

Peer-to-peer networks are intended to replace conventional server-client architectures in the Internet Computer’s decentralized infrastructure. It strives to make it possible for users and services to interact directly without the involvement of middlemen. The Internet Computing wants to build a free, safe, and censorship-resistant internet by utilizing blockchain technology.

The Internet Computer proposes the idea of canister smart contracts, which are intended to operate exclusively on the network. Canisters allow programmers to create and distribute software without relying on centralized servers. They provide a new paradigm for developing decentralized applications because they are made to be safe, scalable, and upgradeable.

The Internet Computer’s scalability and performance are among its key promises. The network seeks to achieve high throughput and low latency, making it appropriate for various applications by utilizing cutting-edge protocols and algorithms. A decentralized internet capable of scaling up complicated and computationally heavy applications is what The Internet Computer envisions.

The Internet Computing seeks to offer seamless integration with current systems and technology. To create applications for the Internet Computer, developers can use the codebases, programming languages, and tools they already have. This strategy promotes integration and acceptance by reducing the learning curve for developers and letting them use their existing resources and expertise.

The Internet Computer uses a governance mechanism that enables users to affect the network’s direction and decision-making. ICP (Internet Computer Protocol), the native utility token of the network, can be used for staking and voting. The Internet Computer’s tokenomics aim to compensate participants for their contributions and encourage network engagement.

The Internet’s Computer Craze

Around its decentralized network, DFINITY attracted a lot of attention. This excitement was justified because the blockchain aimed to alter the internet profoundly. Developers liked the thought of not paying hosting fees to tech behemoths, and potential customers liked the idea of a more equitable internet.

Some prestigious venture capital firms also backed Internet Computings. It had raised $120 Million ($91 Million) from companies like Andreessen Horowitz, Aspect Ventures, and Polychain Capital.

In 2020, the network showed off its capabilities by showcasing two applications created on the decentralized network: LinkedUp, a LinkedIn clone, and CanCan, a TikTok ripoff.

The Bitcoin developer preview for the Internet Computer’s Chromium version went live on February 3. The blockchain protocol has received several improvement requests. However, some are awaiting approval from the ICP community before implementation.


It is too early to tell whether the Internet Computer will advance computing or be hype. Canister’s smart contracts, scalability, interoperability, and novel approach to decentralized infrastructure all show great promise. However, its success will depend on elements like adoption, the expansion of the developer community, actual use cases, and the ability to meet its lofty objectives.

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