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Immutable X Price Analysis: Can the IMX Coin Reach $1.2 in 2023? 

  • The IMX coin can reach $1.2 in 2023.
  • It is currently trading at $0.54 with a daily decrease of 1.3%.
  • The token is down by 94.29% from its All-Time High.

IMX marked its all-time high on 26 NOV 2021 where it was priced at $9.5. 

The volume of the token has decreased by 10% in the last 24 hours.

  • IMX is trading with a daily volume of $10 Million.
  • The token has a market cap of $610 Million. The market cap has also fallen by 1.3%.
  • It has a circulating supply of 1,123,390,887 IMX, which is 56.17% of its total supply.

The performance of the token has been showing a significant bearish trend for the last 6 months. The token has almost fallen 35% in the last 6 months. After making a double bottom and giving an enormous upward

the token was rejected from the $1.45 resistance and started a bearish trend.

The IMX Coin Sentiment Analysis

The IMX Coin Sentiment Analysis

The token price has decreased by 1.14%. The total social engagements of the token have tailed off by 1.7% and the total bullish sentiments have decreased by 2.88% in the daily time frame. The overall sentiments of the token are indicating a bearish trend in the price. 

The price of the token decreased by 6.027% in a weekly time frame.

The total market volume has fallen by 39.96%. This coin’s total social engagements are increased by 24.74% and the total bullish sentiments are increased by 45.15%.

The weekly sentiments are showing a bit of a bullish side of the price but then also the price is negative and also the volume is down. The volume plays a major role in the bullish price of the token. If the volume does not increase the price will stay in a bearish trend.

Weekly Technical Analysis 

Weekly Technical Analysis 
SOURCE: TradingView

As we can see in the chart, the price made a double-bottom candlestick pattern in the last week of Dec 2022. From that point, the token price took the support from $0.38 and reached a high of $1.5. The price was rejected from the resistance of $1.45 and since then the coin price has been in a bearish trend. 

The price is currently trading at $0.54, which is a resistance. However, it acted as support in the past and took the price up to $0.82. If the price took the support from the same area, we can see an upward to $0.82. For the same move, the bullish investors have to be active at present as the price is trading at $0.54 as before.

But, The price also has a short volume, which indicates that there are low chances of the price to move upside.

The IMX Coin token price can also get to the level of $0.38 as there is a decline in the volume of the token. We can expect a bounce from the support level and again start a bullish rally from that area.

The MACD is indicating a bearish move in the price. The blue fast line is moving below the red slow line and the histogram is also showing a decline in the volume of the token. 


As per the chart analysis and sentiment analysis, the short-term target of the price stays bearish. The volume is low and the MACD indicator is also showing the negative side.

However, The price can still move upwards if $0.54 acts as a support. After that, it confirms that the token value can see a surge of up to $0.82. Entries can be made by putting a stop loss below the $0.54 zone.

To reach $1.2, the IMX token price needs to break the resistance of $0.82 with an immense amount of volume. If the bulls stay in favor, we can easily get to the $1.2 range.

Technical Levels

  • SUPPORT: $0.38
  • RESISTANCE: $0.54 AND $0.82


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