How ArrayFi is Setting High Standards for Price Stability

How ArrayFi is Setting High Standards for Price Stability?

  1. ARA is the native token of the ArrayFi platform.
  2. The platform used AI and ML to develop its Array Go algorithm. 

In the stormy seas of financial instability, traditional banks have been facing a rising tide of failures, leaving many users distrustful and seeking alternatives. The launch of Ethereum paved the way for decentralised finance (DeFi) offering a beacon of hope for users navigating these troubled waters. 

However, even with the added benefits of decentralisation, no single point failure, and open architecture, still the volatility of cryptocurrencies and the risks involved were issues that needed to be looked at. Stablecoins emerged as a potential solution, offering tokens backed by assets, fiat currency, or algorithms to maintain a target price, often set at $1.

The concept of stablecoins was hugely accepted by users as they provided them with an easy way to enter the crypto world and buy their first token at a low cost which is going to remain stable. However, the collapse of Terra, an algorithmic-based stablecoin, again raised doubts in the minds of users. ArrayFi is built using the principles of DeFi and uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to create a stable and predictable coin.

Dual Price Model and ArrayFi Go

ArrayFi’s super-stable currency is built upon the foundation of the dual-price model. When users acquire ARA tokens, 90% of the funds get locked in the Array Go safe box, while the remaining 10% is deposited in a liquidity pool.

This model operates with two prices: the floor price and the market price, with the initial market price set at $1. The floor price is always equal to 90% of the token’s market price. To maintain stability, the platform developed its proprietary Array Go algorithm, utilising advanced machine learning, artificial intelligence, and neural networks to analyse vast amounts of data and make accurate predictions.

The Array Go algorithm constantly adapts to the ever-changing market data, learning from historical patterns, observing current market behaviours, and predicting future trends. By employing such cutting-edge technology, ArrayFi aims to instil confidence in investors, who can now rely on the results from an AI-powered algorithm to assess the coin’s performance.

The algorithm is capable of learning from historical data, observing the current market behaviours, and predicting future trends in the market. The main reason for such an advanced algorithm was to build confidence in investors who could now judge the coin by the results from an AI-powered algorithm and decide to stay or leave the market. This reduces the potential cases of any black swan event, which may come uninviting and cause a hole of billions of dollars in investors’ pockets. 

If the algorithm identifies a scenario where the price of the ARA token is about to hit the floor price, it initiates the burning and buy-backing process. This buy-back price and quantity of ARA are sent to the Bonding Curve smart contract. Here the repurchase of ARA tokens from the funds of Safe Box is automatically executed.

If new investors join in and the demand for ARA is increased, more tokens are issued by Array Go to prevent the rapid rise in the market price. In a stable market, the price is allowed to increase steadily with the help of the increasing staking rate. 

In case of large sales, the Array Go algorithm destroys the existing ARA tokens and maintains a stable price. 


ArrayFi’s innovative use of AI and ML in their Array Go algorithm has set high standards for price stability in the cryptocurrency market. By combining a dual price model and advanced predictive capabilities, ArrayFi provides users with a reliable and stable token, reducing the risks associated with volatility and ensuring a more secure investment environment.

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