Disney Fans Excited Mickey Mouse Joins Cryptoverse with $40 NFT

Disney Fans Excited: Mickey Mouse Joins Cryptoverse with $40 NFT

  • Disney fans got a new wave of excitement with the launch of Mickey Mouse’s $40-worth NFT collection. 
  • This NFT collection, titled ‘Mickey and Friends’ is ready for transition to the world of Web3 with their limited edition Cryptoys.

Walt Disney’s representative imagination and logo inspiration, ‘Mickey Mouse’ is one of the favorite and oldest cartoon series that became so popular in the history of television. Its popularity led to a large fanbase and the crypto enthusiasts who are fans of these characters became excited about its Web3 adoption. This not only helped to generate interest in this project but also its early-stage fanbase, which played a crucial role in the success of this NFT collection.

Cryptoy and Disney Collaboration

Mickey Mouse joined the cryptoverse with its cryptoy (a term used for crypto toys), which includes Mickey’s companions such as Minnie Mouse and their pet dog Pluto”. It launched a non-fungible token (NFT) collection named “Mickey and Friends” worth $40. Cryptoys and Disney are two big names that collaborated to launch such an NFT project with 15 limited-edition digital toys.

Cryptoys is an NFT-native digital toy company backed by Andreessen Horowitz. This company claimed their NFT launch would feature world-famous Disney-based characters by September 2023. These digital toys are used for play and collecting while being issued as an NFT based on the Flow blockchain. This collection is anticipated to have a similar level of rarity structure, such as Common, Rare, Grail Legendary, etc. As of now, users can’t buy this collection on drop day as the team is still working towards adding new rarities to the list.

Price Structure of this NFT

Each digital cryptoy of the collection ‘Mickey and Friends’ is expected to be priced at $39.99. This fee structure is fixed as per the standard pricing of Cryptoys’ following digitized toys. This fee structure’s goal is to make these NFTs accessible to a wide range of collectors while allowing them to add their favorite Disney collectibles to their collections without disrupting their banking methods.

This company’s digital toys were introduced in the form of  NFTs and are based on the Flow (FLOW) blockchain network. This ensures each collectible’s security and authenticity.  Meanwhile, the combination of NFT technology and popular Disney characters unlocks the potential of a fully unique and valuable digitized collectible to be traded across the decentralized market.

Cryptoys’ Previous Collaboration

This collaboration between Cryptoy and Disney is not happening for the first time, as Cryptoys has already partnered with other beloved entertainment series previously. This company had already launched a crypto collectible based on a popular franchise, ‘Star Wars’ with their character collection. This collectible series includes limited-edition digital toy characters such as Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and Princess Leia, along with an immersive galactic environment.

However, Cryptoys has recently announced the addition of Yoda to their Star Wars collectible series to expand the wide range of collectible options for fans of this series. This partnership determines Cryptoys’ commitment to work as an intermediary between entertainment franchises and the world of blockchain with their NFTs. Meanwhile, it offers collectors an engaging experience as well.


The launch of ‘Mickey Mouse joined the crypto-verse with its crypto by (a term used for crypto toys), which includes Mickey’s companions such as Minnie Mouse and their pet dog Pluto” Friends isn’t the first Disney ride for Cryptoys. However, in the future, it’s expected to launch other series of collectibles by collaborating with the world of NFTs. The team is already working on their addition to introduce more rarities to their limited-edition characters. The empowering potential of Web3 can play a crucial role in the success of these NFT collections.

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